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Speed safety cameras stall out in the State Assembly again – here’s what’s next

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On May 19, I was on edge. And then I got word: the bill that would have allowed San Francisco (and a handful of other cities) to pilot speed safety detection systems did not make it out of the Appropriations Committee. California Assembly Bill 2336 was never taken “out of suspense” – which means it won’t go to the full Assembly for a vote during this legislative session.

This means we must wait even longer for a powerful, lifesaving tool to help address the #1 cause of severe and fatal traffic crashes in San Francisco and statewide: speed.

‘Disappointed’ doesn’t begin to capture it, really, especially when I talk with members of the San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets community. These are people who have had loved ones hurt or killed in a crash, or survived a crash themselves. Many have bravely spoken at hearings for AB 2336 and previous versions of the bill in hopes it would help.

I think all of us working on this thought AB 2336 had a good chances for being passed this year. The language in AB 2336 was even stronger than the 2021 version, AB 550, with additional equity and privacy considerations (plus it would have allowed speed safety cameras near schools, not just high-injury streets). But clearly we have more work to do – and we will do the work. Walk SF and Families for Safe Streets continue to have this as our top legislative priority.

But speed safety cameras are just one of many solutions to tackle dangerous speeds. Learn more about how our Slow Our Streets campaign is pushing from every direction to shift driver behavior to save lives.

Finally, thank you to every single Walk SF member. Your support is how we’re able to work on state legislation in the first place. And I have so much gratitude for Families for Safe Streets members, who have put so much heart into this effort for years now.