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Why car-free JFK matters so much – and what’s next as the vote gets closer

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If you haven’t yet visited the 1.5 miles of car-free space on the eastern half of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park, you may wonder why so many people are so passionate about making it permanent.

But if you had listened to the 100+ people testify in support of car-free JFK last Thursday at the joint hearing of the SFMTA Directors and SF Rec and Parks Commissioners, I think you would start to understand why this matters so much. From climate change to mental health, the reasons go on and on! I’m grateful the Directors and Commissioners saw this and overwhelmingly supported the proposed plan for permanence.

Here at Walk SF, we believe safety is the #1 reason for a permanent car-free JFK. In a city where it can be life-or-death simply crossing the streets, car-free JFK Drive finally provides a meaningful space for all ages and abilities in our biggest park to walk without the threat of dangerous traffic. And there’s clearly a need for this, as the 300,000+ people using car-free JFK every month show. This is why Walk SF is doing everything we can to win permanence.

I’m thrilled to share that we’re another step closer to a permanent car-free JFK. On Tuesday, Mayor London Breed and Supervisors Haney, Mandelman, and Preston introduced legislation for making car-free JFK permanent. And Mayor Breed also threw her support behind a suite of solutions for great accessibility, mobility, and equity. Read the Mayor’s press release.

This means the final decision on car-free JFK by the Board of Supervisors is now within sight. This legislation will first go to the Board of Supervisors’ Land Use Committee, likely in early May. Then it will go to the full Board of Supervisors for the final vote.

Between now and then, we need to get from three YES votes to six. We need the entire Board of Supervisors to be overwhelmed by the number of reasons car-free JFK is needed now and for future generations.

So please join us in doing everything possible to get those six (or more!) votes – and make history for our safety and so much more.

We’ll be organizing people to speak and rally in a variety of ways in the upcoming weeks. But here’s how you can help today.

Learn more about the campaign to save car-free JFK. Questions? Contact Marta, JFK Campaign Lead, at