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Tell Governor Newsom to sign AB 43 to save lives from dangerous speeds

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We are thrilled that Assembly Bill 43, which would allow cities to set speed limits based on safety, is on the Governor’s desk.

Governor Newsom is expected to consider this lifesaving, commonsense legislation within the next week, which is why we need to flood him with support for AB 43 now!

Take action now and spread the word! #SignAB550 #SlowOurStreets #SpeedKills

Please sign AB 43 into law, Governor Newsom!

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A big thanks to all our members – your support launched Walk SF’s #SlowOurStreets campaign, and gives Walk SF the ability to work on state legislation! Special thanks to members of Families for Safe Streets, who have been incredible advocates for AB 43 every step of the way. Families for Safe Streets members have either lost a loved one to a traffic crash or survived a crash themselves.