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Remembering my brother, Dylan, on the anniversary of his fatal crash

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On May 23, 2013, my oldest brother Dylan was riding his bike to work in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood when he was hit and killed by a garbage truck driver. The driver returned only when a witness told him what had happened.

I was in fourth grade when Dylan was killed. He was the oldest of my three brothers. He was my role model. He looked after me. He was a star wrestler who inspired me to wrestle, too. There are so many things I miss about Dylan every single day. Our family will never be the same.

After my brother was killed, my mom was a founding member of San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets. Families for Safe Streets is made up of survivors and families who have lost loved ones in traffic crashes. Families for Safe Streets advocates for the changes needed to prevent crashes like the one that killed my brother.

Today through June 1st, I am raising money to #RememberDylan and support the important work of Families of Safe Streets so no other family has to suffer as ours has.

I also hope you’ll share the hashtag #RememberDylan and post special memories and photos of Dylan on social media.

Your support means the world to me, my family, and the hundreds of others out there whose loved ones could have been saved had our streets been safer.