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Are you a runner? What are you doing March 14?

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On January 4, 2020, Julie Nicholson was on a run in the Panhandle when she was hit and severely injured in a traffic crash.

Julie was near Oak and Masonic when two reckless drivers collided, and one of them jumped the curb. Julie was hit and thrown 20 feet. She broke her neck and back, and suffered deep tissue injuries.

Julie considers herself lucky to be alive. Now, Julie is running a half marathon on Sunday, March 14, to acknowledge the anniversary of her crash and draw attention to the reality of unsafe streets in San Francisco.

Are you a runner and want to give Julie a boost on her half marathon?

Do a virtual #RunforSafeStreets on March 14 to run in solidarity with Julie. Simply do a run of any length that day and share it on social media with #RunforSafeStreets. RSVP for the run and we’ll give free #RunforSafeStreets long-sleeved t-shirts to a limited number of recipients.

You can also make a donation of any size to Families for Safe Streets, a group made up of traffic crash survivors and the loved ones of people who have been killed or injured in traffic crashes. Julie is a member of Families for Safe Streets.

If you’re out on your #RunforSafeStreets, consider running by Oak and Masonic around 10:30AM, Julie’s crash site in the Panhandle. You can give a cheer to Julie for finishing her half!

Please share this with any runners you know. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at

NOTE: This is a completely unsupported and unofficial run. Your participation in #RunforSafeStreets is at your own risk.