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Fun family walks to do in your neighborhood during shelter-in-place

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As everyone in San Francisco is asked to stay close to home during shelter-in-place, we’ve created some ways for families to make the good old neighborhood walk into a brand-new adventure. Share your walks with #IWalkSF.

San Francisco neighborhood scavenger hunt.

Download and print our San Francisco-specific neighborhood scavenger hunt for everyone on your walk, and see who can get five-in-a-row – or the whole board – first!

Alphabet search.

Take a paper plate and write the alphabet around the outside. Then cut between the letters. Head out and as you spot letters, fold over the letters until you do the whole alphabet. TIP: This game goes quickly unless you limit the letters to a category like street signs or license plates.

Shape walk.

Print a map of your neighborhood. Draw a route that’s a shape, then follow its path.

Rainbow walks.

Around the world, people are putting pictures and paintings of rainbows in windows as a symbol of hope and solidarity. See if you can find one or more, and put up your own! #rainbowwalk #rainbowinthewindow

An animal hunt.

All around the city, people are putting stuffed bears (and other animals) in windows (there’s a map!). #bearwalk Or just head out and track how many real cats and dogs you can spot in windows. If you have a pet of your own, consider adding some artwork for passersby!

As always during shelter-in-place, be sure to practice social distancing at all times. Stay six feet or more from others (except household members).

With special thanks to Sam Kwan for making the neighborhood scavenger hunt. Also a big thanks to “Walk Lab” members Marilyn Adamson, Nancy Botkin, Andrew Greenberg, Cole Brennan, Eric Chase, and Karen Rhodes for contributing ideas to this list.