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3 ways you can help pass Prop D

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Less than two weeks from today, San Francisco voters will decide whether or not to pass a business tax on ridehail companies like Uber and Lyft: Prop D.

We really, really need to pass Prop D.

We know that Uber and Lyft are taking a toll on our safety and our city, and it’s high time to start addressing this. Prop D is an important start.

The estimated $30 million of funds raised annually by the tax if passed will go straight to funding public transportation and fixing the most dangerous streets for people who walk.

Every single vote for Prop D will matter. Between the fact that voter turnout is expected to be very low and Prop D requiring a two-thirds vote to pass, this will pass or fail thanks to a small number of people.

Here are three ways you can help ASAP.

  1. Send our ready-to-go email to everyone you know in San Francisco. Here’s the email, plus share #YesonD on social media.
  2. Spend an hour or two talking with voters about Prop D. You can sign up for events we’re coordinating, or pick up a ‘Yes on D’ sign at our office to hold at any busy transit stop at a time that works for you!
  3. Donate to Walk San Francisco. Your gift today powers our advocacy work.

You can now vote in person, seven days a week, at San Francisco City Hall. If you are mailing in your ballot, it must be postmarked before or on Election Day.

Thank you for taking these steps to get us to a big win for safe streets on Election Day!