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Speak out for no parking minimums (and fewer cars on our streets)

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Countless policies shape how safe and pedestrian-friendly our streets are – which is why we advocate for better ones at every opportunity. That’s why Walk SF strongly supports Supervisor Jane Kim’s proposed ordinance to “remove parking minimum requirements” where they exist in current planning codes.

Already most zoning districts in San Francisco don’t have minimum parking requirements. This would just make that citywide. Eliminating the requirement to add parking for new housing developments has the potential to reduce the number of cars and improve our street safety. Buildings with no parking or minimal parking not only lowers the cost of new housing, it supports the use of transit, walking, and biking – and less driving.

This is a smart, pedestrian-first policy that we need you to urge your Supervisor and SFMTA Director Ed Reiskin to support.

This will be voted on Monday, November 26, 2018 at the Land Use Committee and full Board on December 11, 2018, so take a moment to sign this petition today using the form below.


Photo credit: Jeremy Brooks via Flickr Creative Commons