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Walker Profiles: Meet Thien

 In Events, Walk to Work Day

Photo courtesy of Thien Lam

Walk to Work Day is just around the corner on Friday, April 12. Leading up to the big day, we talked with San Franciscans who already walk to their workplace or wherever they spend their day.

In our second installment of Walker Profiles, we’d like to introduce you to Thien Lam who walks from the Mission to downtown each day.





How did you decide to start walking to work?

I wanted to get some exercise that was practical at the same time I was doing my commute.

What is your favorite part about walking to work?

Listening to music on my headphones and zoning out.

What challenges have you faced when walking to work? How do you overcome them?

I wore a bad of pair of sneakers one day and got terrible blisters. I don’t wear those sneakers anymore.

Please share your favorite “Walking to Work” story.

No specific story, but I have bumped into friends on the way home from work on a couple of occasions and ended up going out for dinner or to the movies, which made for nice serendipitous and spontaneous moments. This could feasibly happen to anyone, at anytime, but it seems the probability would increase the more time you spend walking around.

Thanks Thien for sharing your story with us! Are you already walking to work? Tell us about your experiences here.

Interested in walking to work on Friday, April 12?  Learn about Walk to Work Day contests, drawing prizes and Hubs near you for FREE coffee and pre-loaded Clipper cards at