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Happy Walk to Work Day!

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Walk to Work Day from @ariannerh/Twitter

What a gorgeous day for a walk to work in San Francisco! Be sure to share the “I Walked” image on Walk SF’s Facebook page and/or tweet using #walk2workSF.

For everyone who posts, GJEL is donating $25 to Walk SF — and you can win a prize! We’ll do the drawing at the end of the day today.

Be sure to follow Walk SF on Twitter and like Walk SF on Facebook — that way we can direct-message you if you win a prize.

Work really far from home? Or over a body of water? Never fear. You do not have to walk over the Bay Bridge. (Though we’d like to make that possible.) Just walk fifteen minutes (or more) and tell us about it.

After all, every commute begins and ends with walking, so you walk to work in one way or another every day — but this is your opportunity to take more time and really look around and enjoy your city. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to notice: What parts of the walk are great? What feels unsafe or unfriendly? What would make you do this more? Tell Walk SF!

And check out this beautiful slideshow from one of today’s walkers.