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Vote Yes on B for Safer Streets

 In Actions, Public Policy

Yes on B! Prop B includes over $70 million for pedestrian safety improvements: wider sidewalks, “road diets” to calm traffic, new curb ramps for wheelchairs and strollers, and more.

Why a bond? These improvements are exactly the kind of permanent infrastructure investments that are an appropriate use of bond funding. Prop B will make our streets better for the long term. Walk SF also supports dedicated, ongoing additional funding, of course, but this up-front investment is needed now to make our streets safer and more walkable. Safety shouldn’t wait.

Read the San Francisco Chronicle story on Prop B, with a quote from Walk SF executive director Elizabeth Stampe.

Walk SF’s ballot argument for Prop B:
The City’s dangerous streets put children, people with disabilities, parents with strollers, and seniors at risk. Every year, 800 people are hit by cars in San Francisco. Seniors are four times as likely as others to be killed this way.

Prop B will make the investment we need in safer streets for everyone.

The poor condition of San Francisco’s streets, sidewalks, and crosswalks is a serious problem. Prop B will help fix the most dangerous streets to make them walkable, improve sidewalks and crosswalks, and repair and strengthen stairways and bridges.

Safe, walkable streets help you travel easily and arrive on time. They help neighbors know each other and keep neighborhoods safe from crime. They reduce carbon emissions from driving and support local businesses with foot traffic.

Prop B is a smart investment in the safe, sustainable transportation San Francisco needs. Vote Yes on B.

– Walk San Francisco

More info at the Department of Public Works website. To join the campaign: Like Prop B on Facebook

Be sure to vote on Tuesday November 8!