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Support safe speeds around SF schools!

 In Actions, Public Policy

Help Walk SF make San Francisco the first big city in the state to create safer school zones!

We are excited to announce the first step toward 15-mph zones around all San Francisco schools!

The first 100 new school zones have been mapped by the Municipal Transportation Authority (SFMTA), which has requested funding from the County Transportation Authority (TA). On June 28, the Authority’s board – also known as the Board of Supervisors – will vote on that request.

Come on out to support safe speeds around SF schools! Or if you can’t make the meeting, email your Supervisor.

TA Board / Board of Supervisors meeting
Tuesday June 28, 11am
City Hall Room 250

And mark your calendar for SFMTA’s public hearing on the locations of the first new school zones:

SFMTA public hearing
Friday July 1, 10am
City Hall Room 416