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Collisions down significantly on 19th Ave, Van Ness and Lombard

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Todays Examiner reports that double-fine zones on City streets that also happen to be state highways – 19th Avenue, Van Ness and Lombard – are having the desired effect on traffic safety.  However, while collisions in general are down on the three streets, the number of accidents involving pedestrians on Van Ness has actually gone up:

Elizabeth Stampe, the executive director of pedestrian-advocacy organization Walk SF, said it was a shame that Van Ness Avenue has not received the same array of traffic-calming measures as 19th Avenue.

Over the years, 19th Avenue has benefitted from significant traffic-calming measures, including signal upgrades, lower speed limits and increased enforcement. Lombard and Van Ness have not received similar attention, so they were included in the state legislation as a control to determine the effectiveness of double fines as a sole deterrent.

“Double fines are a good start, but we need a more complete redesign of our streets to make it safer for everyone,” Stampe said. “It shouldn’t take some people dying to achieve that.”

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