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Vote on Tuesday! Yes on AA, No on 23 and 26

 In Actions, Public Policy

The election is Tuesday November 2 — be sure to vote!

Here’s what Walk San Francisco is recommending:


San Francisco’s Proposition AA would create a $10 fee for all vehicles registered in San Francisco; this would raise an estimated $5 million per year for city streets. Thanks to Walk SF’s advocacy, one-quarter of that–$1.25 million–would go toward pedestrian street improvements every year. Another $1.25 million would go toward transit reliability improvements, and the rest toward street resurfacing. Help fix our streets and sidewalks: VOTE YES ON AA.

NO ON 23

State Proposition 23 would reverse California’s landmark climate-change-fighting bill, AB 32. This in turn would hurt efforts to improve land use and encourage sustainable transportation (walking, biking, public transit) and reduce carbon emissions. We need to strengthen these laws, not roll them back. Fight climate change, and fight attacks on sustainable transportation: VOTE NO ON 23.

NO ON 26

State Proposition 26 is lesser-known, but would have a far-reaching negative effect on funding public amenities (like sidewalks!). It would require a 2/3 vote to create any fees; this high threshold already exists for taxes, and the resulting inability to raise funds has hurt public services from city streets to California schools. Prop 26 would prevent San Francisco from levying auto-trip-generation fees on developers to fund public transit, or (like Prop AA) using vehicle-registration fees to improve our streets. Protect our public services: VOTE NO ON 26.