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Tell Supervisor Mar: Don’t take away the Great Walkway

Supervisor Gordon Mar of the Sunset put the wheels in motion to return vehicle traffic to the Upper Great Highway on weekdays starting August 16.

This is especially shocking when a public process has been outlined to determine the Great Highway’s future.

We need to flood Supervisor Mar with calls and emails so he sees there are a LOT more people who want a ‘Great Walkway’ than there are upset drivers.

Call Supervisor Mar now at (415) 554-7460 or send a personalized email below.

Supervisor Mar: Don't take away the Great Walkway

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More about the car-free Upper Great Highway

Since April 2020, car-free space on Great Highway has attracted thousands of daily visitors of all ages and abilities to this new 17-acre waterfront park and promenade. During the pandemic, it has been one of the city’s most visited recreational spaces, second only to Golden Gate Park.

Besides creating a large park to stroll, walk, run, bike, scoot, and skate, the Great Highway has hosted protests, art installations, concerts, and community gatherings.

According to SFCTA data, from October 2020 to March 2021, the Upper Great Highway had on average 3,200 weekday bicycle and pedestrian users and 5,200 weekend day users. This is about 26,400 weekly visitors. By comparison, the Golden Gate Promenade (the pathway next to the water at Crissy Field) saw about 2,000 people on weekdays and 3,750 on weekends in September 2020, averaging about 17,500 weekly visitors.

Many were shocked by the Mayor’s sudden decision, especially when a public process and additional data collection and analysis were already in motion. As part of the SFCTA’s District 4 Mobility Study, five road configurations were presented for the future of the Great Highway. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (SF Rec and Park) were tasked with bringing to the SFMTA and SF Rec and Park joint commission a 2-year pilot project plan in the fall and additional public outreach efforts were planned.