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Take one minute to email Governor Newsom to sign AB 645, the speed camera bill

Time is of the essence in showing Governor Newsom that people want him to sign AB 645, the lifesaving speed camera bill. The Governor only has until October 14!

We need to be sure that in the sea of bills on his desk, Newsom sees that AB 645 has strong support. We’ve learned that the fastest, best way to be sure your email support is noted is using his official form.

Send an email now using the form and our cut/paste text below, and ask others to, too!

1. Go to the Governor’s email contact page.

2. Select ‘An Active Bill’ from the dropdown menu and AB 645 (see below), and then ‘leave a comment’ (see below).

3. On the next page, fill out your name and email, click PRO, and then paste in the following in the subject and message.

RE: AB 645 Speed Safety Cameras – REQUEST FOR SIGNATURE

Dear Governor Newsom,

Cities around the nation have proven that speed safety cameras are a powerful and proven tool to save lives. It’s maddening that this tool isn’t yet available here in California, especially when speed is the #1 cause of severe and fatal traffic crashes in our state. 

You can change this. Please sign AB 645 into law so that San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Los Angeles, Long Beach and Glendale can do a five-year pilot on a limited number of dangerous streets and in school zones.

AB 645 is urgently needed given the threat our communities and the most vulnerable face from dangerous speeding, and the bill includes important equity and privacy considerations. Please sign AB 645 immediately. 

Call Governor Newsom’s office, too!

Want to do more right now? Call Newsom’s office at (916) 445-2841 and ask him to sign AB 645, the lifesaving bill to allow speed cameras in California. Phone calls carry more weight than emails, so take this extra step if you can. Thank you!

A four-year-old child was killed in the crosswalk in San Francisco on August 15.

This can never happen again.

We must stand together to show that this tragedy is unacceptable – and so is inaction by City leaders. Our streets must be made safe for children and all of us.

When: Tuesday, August 22, 2023 from 5:00 – 6:00PM
Where: The plaza next to Caltrain at 4th & King Streets
What: We will create a memorial for the child and rally for change.
Bring: Stuffed animals to add to the memorial, and strollers to show solidarity.

Crossing the street should never be life-or-death.

The 4th & King intersection is incredibly dangerous. This piece by KTVU 2 makes it very clear how vulnerable a person is when crossing here. And there are too many intersections just like this across San Francisco.

So please stand with us on Tuesday for real change on our streets. Spread the word – here’s a flyer you can share.

This is a moment where we must be loud.