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Street Safety Explorers program

Street Safety Explorers

Street Safety Explorers is a fun, free curriculum that introduces 3rd-5th grade students to the importance of street design and pedestrian safety, while building analytical and critical thinking skills. 

In the program, students learn to analyze traffic safety problems on the street near their school and identify street redesign solutions that will help address those challenges. Students also learn how to turn their ideas into action by creating advocacy projects directed toward local leaders and the surrounding community.

Student poster Hillcrest needs speed bumps

Walk San Francisco is pleased to offer this program free of charge to SFUSD elementary schools, as part of our work in the SF Safe Routes to School PartnershipIf you would like to schedule a Street Safety Explorers presentation or learn more, please email Greg Zeppa at Walk SF.


Curriculum details:

  • For 3rd–5th graders
  • 120 minutes over 2 sessions
  • Offered Monday through Friday
  • During or after school
  • For classes of 20 or smaller
  • Fulfills STEAM Enrichment

Curriculum sections:

1. Street Design vs. Street Behavior

Students learn the difference between design and behavior as it relates to traffic safety. They examine dangerous scenarios and determine whether the situations could be solved by changing individual behavior or street design.

2. Let’s Find Design

Students investigate the streets surrounding their school, learning to identify different aspects of street design. They evaluate whether or not the designs are pedestrian friendly and how different designs could make it safer. They also get hands-on experience measuring the speed of passing cars using radar detectors.

3. Advocate for Safe Streets

Students create advocacy projects (e.g., letters, petitions, posters, videos). These may be addressed to their district Supervisor asking for a change to make local streets safer, or may educate the community about the need for safe streets around their school.

street safety explorers