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Reporting Safety Concerns

Walking has been shown to optimize health and strengthen communities, which means everyone should have equal opportunity to do it.  But people walking often find it difficult or dangerous to get around by foot, when the city public spaces lack sidewalk and other basic walking infrastructure.

To speak up for safer walking conditions and register needed improvement requests, refer to the following resources.


Reporting Issues

  • San Francisco's streets: What agency does whatWant to know which agency is responsible for a particular area of the public right of way? 
    Check out this handy graphic from the Better Streets Plan (click to enlarge).
  • Want to report a problem on the street? Call 311, visit sf311.org, tweet @sf311, or try the Facebook app
  • Want to request traffic calming measures on your street? Secure the signatures of at least 20 neighbors, then apply to the Residential Traffic Calming Program.
  • Want to request crosswalk paint? Review the Crosswalk Policy, then visit sf311.org.
  • Want to report a car parked on the sidewalk? Call 415.553.1200 to report sidewalk parking
  • Want to slow down speeds around your child’s school? 
  1. Read about Pedestrian Rights & Law to learn where California state law permits 15 MPH school speed limit zones to be established, then, if you believe your school qualifies, contact Walk SF.
  2. To calm traffic moving at faster 15 MPH, apply to the Residential Traffic Calming Program.

Become an Advocate for Safer, Better Street


Become an Advocate for Safer, Better Streets

Learn about proposed plans for streets in your neighborhood, and share your priorities before decisions are made about how city streets are designed and regulated. Sign up for Walk San Francisco’s bi-monthly e-newsletter, and become a Walk SF advocate.

For more information, visit the following sites: