Walking Facts

San Francisco ranks as one of the most walkable cities in the U.S. As the birthplace of the ‘parklet’ and Sunday Streets, there’s much to cherish in the city’s compact geography,  mild climate, and generous open spaces. But did you know over 800 people are hit by cars every year? Annually over 100 people are either seriously injured or die as a result of traffic violence.

Learn why Walk San Francisco is advocating for safer, better streets and tracking the City’s commitments to Vision Zero, the goal to end all serious and fatal traffic-related injuries by 2024, through proven engineering, enforcement, and education efforts.


Walking in San Francisco, by the Numbers

  • 100% of all trips – bicycle, transit, and car – start and end with walking
  • 25% of all car trips in the city are < 1 mile – an easy distance to walk
  • 23% of all trips in the city are walking
  • Every day, cars hit at least 3 people walking (annually 100 pedestrians are seriously injured or killed in vehicle collisions)
  • 60% of all San Francisco’s traffic deaths are people walking – 4X the national average
  • Seniors are 5X more at risk for serious/fatal injury than younger adults
  • In 64% of crashes with people walking, motorists are at fault
  • Speed is the leading factor for serious injury and death – causing 10X the number of injuries as drunk driving
  • A person hit by a car at 40 MPH has a 15% chance of survival; at 20 MPH there’s a 90% chance of survival
  • 6% of streets in San Francisco account for over 60% of pedestrian injuries and deaths;*  prioritizing engineering improvements and targeting enforcement to these most dangerous streets is the most effective way to protect people from traffic violence

*12% of all streets in San Francisco — a total of 125 miles — account for over 70% of all traffic-related injuries and deaths (pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists).